Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few meager traces of rock piles in Lexington's Meagherville/Garfield Convservation Land

Went for a second walk of the season to what turned out to be a larger than expected piece of woods in Lexington - called "Meagherville/Garfield". It is relatively undisturbed because it is a good-for-nothing, wet, breakout zone. Saw one rock pile that seemed legit because of its placement at the head of an increased wet area and because of the consistent sizes of the component rocks:And saw several split-wedged rocks:These are familiar kinds of structures.

But then about 20 yards from the east end of the bridge over the brook (Kiln Brook) was something more suspect: a large smeared out mound of smaller cobbles:Other views of it make it no clearer. Even without the snow it might be unclear. Like the pile at Whipple Hill?

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