Saturday, February 18, 2012

FFC examines a mound with hollow

This is in the Boxborough swamp across from the northern parking area of Wolf Swamp on Burroughs Road.

My efforts to show that the "mounds with hollows" are rectangular shaped is usually pretty pointless - the rectangularity does not come through in these photo. Here, my friend from Carlisle ("FFC") is looking at one of these mounds near where we live, over the line in Boxborough.FFC has his "STUPID SHEET" for examining alignments, and is trying to line up his compass and paper with the edges of the central hollow. Closeup, it is a little easier to see rectangular elements.
If you like, click in to magnify the picture and take a closer look: parallel with the closer edge of the paper and in line with his foot, there is one line of cobbles edging the hollow. In front of his foot is a white rock - part of another line of cobbles perpendicular to the direction of his foot. What FFC points out, with his eye to detail, is that this perpendicular line of cobbles begins with an upright flat rock, and comes outward through a white rock, a pointed rock, and another white rock. Here is a view back towards his foot:

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