Friday, February 03, 2012

More about forest rd #3 - Townsend State Forest

With reference to the site I already mentioned here and here: Let's carry on. I crossed a first knoll with the stone wall, then saw the indistinct rock piles, then I think I crossed another knoll and went up over and down the shoulder of a ridge and into grid of rock piles. Some were smeared out, others in decent shape.For some reason I did not take a picture of one striking feature: the stone wall enclosing the site on the lower edge included a prominent large rock. For 20 feet or so on either side of this rock, the wall was double thickness, beyond which the wall resumed being a single course of rocks wide.

Then I walked across a brook:And found something I was hoping to see:I think that is a larger mound isn't it? Though it is hard to tell the ground from the mound. For another example:Closeup:The walls in this place were impressive.In this picture, note how the wall turns a corner at the end and dips to the left:A different angle shows the wall just dies off. It continues as a couple of loose rock piles, not shown, and then disappears completely at the edge of the wet.In the end, it is an "L" shaped feature next to water connecting through to everything else.

A few more nice rock piles on the way out:Here was another example of a stone wall (right hand side of the picture) dying out as it comes to the water:In this case, a little vernal pond. A rock pile in the foreground gets to look over this.

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I like the last picture. Pretty scene.