Friday, February 03, 2012

Townsend State Forest - 3rd forest road

Coming in from the east on Dudley Rd, the third forest road entrance is hard to spot on the right. I parked and walked in. As soon as the road gains a little elevation above the wetlands, there is a knoll to the left and I thought the stone wall that crossed it was the kind of configuration where sometimes there is a rock pile site on the other side of the wall:So I popped across and saw that pile of the other day:
Below on the slope, another rock pile:You can see how it is situated in front of a break in the same wall. As I mention in the video from the other day, there were also some low piles hard to make out in the snow:After that I poked around and there were scattered small piles:And adjacent knolls. I see a "V" of rocks:On the next ridge/knoll over, there was an array of marker piles, some more smeared than others. Then I crossed a small brook, looking for the mounds with hollows that often accompany such things as I had been seeing. Spotted some candidate piles.

Its late, I'm going back to bed. One of the smeared piles had a white rock that was pretty:
I continued up the forest road, determined to get all the way to the high wetland on the map fragment. I did, and made the round trip back to my car, tired. Here was the brook you walk along:

There is also a site along the 2nd forest road that I blogged about in the past. From the looks of it, I should probably also expect to find things there where the hills meet the water.

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pwax said...

It really is the 4th entrance.