Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More stone structures from n.e. Kentucky Farm

Reader Jason W. writes (continuing the discussion from here):
If u can see, in the far distance this is me, showing how long the rock wall is, look closely.
Also ,more pics.
i also found several caves ,with multiple chambers about a mile away from this site, will get pics of that too. also in the caves they all have very black ceilings and orangeish tinge, which leads me to believe they were once occupied, have also found loads of flint, tips, tools, and arrowheads, drills, etc. in the plowed field below this site.


pwax said...

some of thepiles seem the same shape as the outcrop behind them.

Anonymous said...

what is the reason they would spend all that time to build these walls and piles???I'm a nooby to this and am curious.there are smaller flat piles with maybe a dozen rocks and some sort of circular scattered.The rock on rock seems to be in line with the rock fence.What does that meen??Thanks for the pics and info.

pwax said...

It is a complicated thing. I believe it is Native American ritual.