Thursday, February 02, 2012

Short Stretches of Stone Wall at Rock Pile Sites

I think we, as a community, better figure this out soon, before somebody else does. Here are some possibilities:
1. Part of an alignment - i.e. related to a direction in the sky or to another place of interest
2. To cast shadows of a particular kind
3. To create pathways that need to be followed during a ceremony.
Any other possibilities?


JimP said...

Part of a serpent effigy.
To define or delineate a sacred space.
Part of a fire break.
Part of a fish weir.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Makes me think I need to revisit and photograph a small piece of zigzag row, inside a riparian zone bordered by zigzag rows on both sides where, up at the source, are several mounds, including the flat boulder with the balanced bear's head tobacco sacrifice stone...

theseventhgeneration said...

Well, this is a REAL stretch, but I wonder if there is any similarity between some short stretches of stone wall and Recumbent Stone Circles? See the link here for a description of RSC's.