Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A little remnant site at the Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham

I grew up around here and we used to drive by the state asylum, which seemed kind of forbidding. But it is all city park now and I decided to go walking there two weekends ago, south and east from here, in order to avoid the thicker snow to the north and west. Amazingly there are still things to find. 

Most of the Water Tank Hill has been thoroughly terraced and thoroughly trashed out, but climbing down the western side, I thought I saw a minimal rock pile and hesitated.
Then another and gained some confidence:
And then was convinced with this third "best" rock pile:
Then I saw a curious little structure looking out over a vernal pond there. By itself, this would have been enough to tip the scales of conviction that this was a site. What do you make of this?

There was a little aperture (speaking of apertures):
 Here is the view outward:
A moment later, as I headed off the hill in a northerly direction crossing a bit of a northeastern shoulder, I saw something else:
How about that? Structures still there in modern Waltham.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Nice little suprises are everywhere; if you don't look for them, you won't find them. Those 3 photos with the apeture knock me out (figuratively)- is that another mound in the distance. Does it look like enhancement to some of the stones?

pwax said...

I did not see any other structures perhaps it woud be different without snow.