Thursday, March 21, 2013

A small natural bowl with brook and mound - part 1

I was invited to look at a site nearby and was shown a small valley, with a brook and a few features that are somewhat familiar: a lovely spot, a central mound with a hint of internal collapse, quartz, a split-wedged rock, and small outlier piles - somewhat evenly spaced, somewhat in lines. It was a very nice place and the question becomes: what should be done with this site? It was in a location which, I admit, is highly likely to be vandalized. So making it public is problematic.

We stepped from the suburbs into a hidden place:
The central feature was a large mound. The dog liked it and, at one point, seemed to be sniffing the pile. The dog spent most of the time standing on top:
I poked around, and noticed a small piece of quartz on top:
I was looking for a hollow, but only saw a faint hint of collapse:
My host, Sydney Blackwell, pointed out the "pointer" rock and how it was shimmed up:
A neighboring pile, next to the brook, was more of a split-filled rock but with the same kind of overhanging "pointer":
There were a few more damaged piles along the brook and, later, we found a few other small piles upstream.
The dog really liked that mound.
My sister in law Helen Jones is in the foreground. 
There was also a slab of rock propped up by a number of smaller rocks and dirt:
There was a nearby outcrop with a hint of outline/enclosure:
Lets take one more look before we climb up out of the valley:
The brook gurgled as it dropped a few inches over a little step, filling the valley with a quiet sound. Can you believe such a beautiful spot, right here in the suburbs?

I'll continue in another post [HERE]. If you have a moment, compare this site with another from Billerica I saw with FFC and he called "Beech Trees". Or this one from Boxborough - also described here. Or this one from Groton.


Tim MacSweeney said...

What a beautiful spot.

pwax said...

I think we need to pay close attention to the dog. (I am not joking.)

Tim MacSweeney said...

Drop me an email and tell me about "attention to the dog>"