Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Diagonal line of rock-on-rocks going up a hillside. Rattlesnake Hill, Bolton MA

I went to explore the valley at Rattlesnake Hill and when I got to where the water started, there was a rock-on-rock:
Not in good shape, my main reason for wanting to get up the hillside a bit, while going back down the valley, was to get out of the deeper snow for easier footing. It turned out I kept running into rock-on-rocks in a sequence something like this:
Here are the other three:
The first of these three I only spotted because I sat down to catch my breath. So there could be others structures I did not notice, elsewhere on the slope. But I have seen this before, at a the gully that divides Proctor Hill in Littleton. I was puzzled then by the same question as now: what do these little "cairns" mark? 

I was not aware of following a trail as I walked, just of choosing a direction of least effort.

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traildweller said...

I just hit up rattlesnake hill today. A nice place for one who likes occasional rocks. There is also 3 large boulders off boulder trial near the rattlesnake hill up top.