Friday, March 22, 2013

A small natural bowl with brook and mound - part 2

We climb up out of the bowl (see here) and find new rock piles above, even as we look back to the mound below:
Looking up the valley from here, there are more rock piles, across the wall and scattered across the slope.
When we walk over there, there seems to be an semi-organized arrangement trailing off downhill back towards the brook:
Take a closer look:
 This one is carefully shimmed.
(It mattered that this remained upright. Maybe because it is shaped like and animal?)
There was another old rock pile in a bush next to the brook, and the piles continued in the same sort of loose trail up the other side of the brook. 
 I commented that we remained within view of the large central mound the whole time and were, actually remaining a reasonably consistent distance from that mound. 
There were a few more rock piles along in this direction back on the side of the brook where we started. We were getting a bit tired and took quick pictures on the way out. 
A pile with quartz:
Most of the larger rocks and almost all of the boulders had piles built on them. Here is a last one:
On top was this interesting black rock:
A gray composite material, with a white feldspar tip:

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