Monday, March 18, 2013

One is Good, Two is Better

I shared a location (or at least thought I did) using Google Earth just a little while ago, pin pointing the location of a "Vee" shaped stone row that I thought might be a Game Run that I imagine could have been used like this:
(But the one in the GE capture is "linear," as I've come to describe non-zigzag stone rows)
Then I took a second look as I "backed up" to get the big picture and then, as plain as the face on my nose, I realize that there is a second "Vee" right by the "bordered on both sides by a stone row Indian Trail that has become (a still unpaved) modern road," there are remnants of another trail right by yet another "Vee:"
So I modify the old drawing:
(a modifcation of a Kieth Wilbur modification...:)
(...of a DeVry interpertation of Champlain's drawing:)

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