Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Benjamin Hill, Shirley

I was about done exploring without seeing more than one pile, near a brook gurgle. And I crossed over a gully and saw something interesting. It looked like a rock pile:
It was a nice rectangular mound:
Let's take a closer look:
There is a piece of quartz at the near corner. Closer:
Do you agree there is a little "cup" of rocks above it? 
Let's step back. The pile overlooks a gully with a bit of standing water in the bottom. A few paces uphill, a faint trace of stone wall runs along (to the right in this picture:)
The wall fades away and, just past the pile, re-appears to turn at a right angle towards the pile and end in another piece of quartz. Back at the pile, let's look at details from the other side:
I see a bit of structure there. The pile has two tiers: to the upper left and lower right, with another small piece of quartz between.

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