Monday, May 13, 2013

The find of the year, for me

In a cornfield in Concord MA:
Well, I think, there's an arrowhead. Will it be whole? Don't get your hopes up.
Yes it was! I forgot to take a picture just after plucking it from the ground but at home, cleaned up, with the other items from the day, it is a pretty Stark point.
I find the flaking on the lower right very well done. Since this point is not symmetric I think it was probably a knife. I think the material is hornfels ("horn stone").
The orange stone on the left is slightly polished and notched on either side - possibly an ornament. The quartz is a crude blade or scraper. I find few complete items made from quartz. Here is what it looked like at first:
 A very good day.
More detail:


Chris Pittman said...

That is an awesome, awesome Stark. I love it. Great in situ photo also! The material looks like argillite to me? That quartz scraper is also a really nice find.

pwax said...

I thought it was argillite too. But it is velvet to the touch and very detailed flaking, and grainey in a way that is not layered.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Really nice find!

Menotomy Maps said...