Friday, May 03, 2013

Northwest of Gumpas Pond - Pelham NH

I drove up to New Hampshire, parked at the end of Growing Rd and walked northwest until I got to rock piles. There was a difficult beaver dam crossing on the way in, and a one-foot-in-the-water solution on the way out, but there does not seem to be too much to say about the rock pile site...another dot on the map:
The piles deserve some description. They were low and badly settled:
There were some highlights:
and some more substantial piles - that hinted of the rectangular, although small:
I thought  mainly the reason the site was where it was, was because of being just at the edge of the water, which, in this case I think is Musquash Brook:
But the piles were only on this last flat slope down to the water. There were none a few feet back. 
Here was an interesting feature:
Turtles on turtles, a feat of strength, something else?

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Anonymous said...

This area used to be farms and farmland that got burned out in the 1930's when part of Nashua burned. Lots of old foundations.