Thursday, May 16, 2013

More about bulldozers and rock pile site destruction

Writing about the destroyed Mayan pyramid, Ted Hendrickson writes:
Yes, in this case I think the site was well known but those jokers just did not care. A local example from my neighborhood, this is in North Stonington CT. This will be a driveway to a house. I have to go back and see what happened here (this photo is from February). It was a large pile with a hollow top, so hollow it almost gave the impression of a ring. The excavator is apparently curving around it, but has toppled one side and pushed some trees and brush into it. Other photo from December when I first saw it.


pwax said...

By the way, this pile is pretty obviously not hollow because of vandalism. For that volume of rocks to be removed, there would need to be visible rocks strewn around the edges.
You know I think these are graves. You know NAGPRA applies to private property. You know keeping sites and knowledge secret is one of the reasons this happens?

Dennis Dee said...

According to my research, NAGPRA Rules & Regs DO NOT apply to private property.

pwax said...

I thought it did.