Monday, May 20, 2013

First look at Spruce Swamp Brook - Shirley

I went into the woods on the trail into the Holden Rd Conservation Land. There was sand on every side but I thought I saw rocks across the the brook and stepped off the trail. And stepped on a rock pile I would not have seen. This one found me:
It has two larger rocks at either end. In between are a number of smaller rocks, including some quartz which is common around here.
Then stepping over towards the brook, the new Royal Ferns were pretty:
See the flat meadow in the background? The brook meanders through it. But check out this rock pile in the brook:
I don't see how this could be anything other than a rock pile which got buried in silt.


Menotomy Maps said...

Could the stones in the last photo be the remains of a fish weir?

Tim MacSweeney said...

The stones are way too small to be a weir (a good one, anyway). They are about the same size as the stones/cobbles in the stepped one pile...