Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Another site gone

Two years ago I went back to visit this site and the landowner called the police when he saw me and FFC cutting into the woods near his property. I wondered at the time why the reaction was so swift and so negative. I chalked it up to transplanted city-folk not knowing about rural woods walking traditions. Now, my guess is this guy was digging up something he knew he should not. 

See that place with rocks, scraped clean for no obvious reason?
Maybe this one is my fault. I marked the site on a map and sent it to the Littleton Historical Commission. But I am not sure of the timing. Maybe our trespassing set off the landowner?

A pretty little site. I have some photos somewhere. To prevent further mishap: Littleton residents beware! Here are some places that may need feet-on-the-ground protection. 
The bulldozing is between Harwood and Grimes Ln. Maybe some part of the site is still there?

In terms of a longstanding argument I have with NEARA, let's hope someone can keep a step ahead of the bulldozers next time. Secrecy can be harmful when no one knows a site is about to disappear.

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