Tuesday, March 04, 2014

"West Along the River" from The Montague Reporter by David Brule

(From the Nolumbeka Project)
The piece beautifully captures the deeper spiritual dimension that inspires our work and gives it energy:   

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pwax said...

There was one part of this I did not like, the attitude that science is at fault, failing to recognize Native spirituality. I think they are accusing "bad science" and tarring real science with the same brush. I wrote them:

I am happy to add a link to this fine bit of writing. But I protest the anti-science remarks made in response to Mr Singleton. Mr Singleton is not a scientist and conventional Massachusetts archeological ""wisdom" is not science either. There is a growing body of very scientific data showing that Native Americans built stone structures for ceremony and practical reasons, including astronomy, burial, hunting, vision quest, memorial, etc.

So, while Massachusetts archeologists and people like Singleton catch up with the facts on the ground and the growing body of real science, PLEASE do not support a negative view of science. Real science is your friend.