Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hiking the Track Rock Archaeological Zone in Georgia

 From the People of One Fire:

Each time that the History Channel or one of its overseas affiliates re-runs the premier of American Unearthed - the Mayas in Georgia - I am inundated with emails from around the world, with questions about visiting the half square mile terrace complex.  Unfortunately, I have never been paid a penny from being on the program. 

Yesterday, 83 of my 100+ emails were asking questions about Track Rock or one of the other stone architecture sites in northern Georgia.  Three days before, it apparently was broadcast in Mexico.  I even received an inquiry from a famous Mexican movie actress.  Apparently, someone is Mexico is thinking about doing a movie about the Maya refugees coming to the Southeastern United States. She wanted to know how Creek women dressed and if the Creeks practiced human sacrifice.

I wrote an article in the Examiner that answers all their questions and give specific directions to the Track Rock and Sandy Creek terrace complexes.  If interested in keeping this information on file,  you may go to: 


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Richard Thornton, Architect & City Planner
POOF Editor

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Norman said...

Johannes "Jannie" Loubser, the archaeologist who excavated at Track Rock Gap, is giving a talk at the next NEARA meeting in RI on April 12, for those interested.