Monday, March 24, 2014

Camp Str Milford, south of Peppercorn Hill

I have blogged about Taft Str. and this bit of woods south of Peppercorn Hill before. When I left off exploring there I was still finding rock piles. So I thought it would be worth coming in from the other directions, on Camp Str. In truth, the whole hillside has one cluster of rock piles after another.
The green outline shows where we have been before. (By the way, Bruce McAleer first showed me Peppercorn Hill.) The blue shows where I was this time.
Coming in from Camp Str. and walking west, as soon as you cross the brook (Mill River) there are rock piles on the right. It turned out later there were also rock piles to the left, but the better direction is to the right, uphill.
There was still snow on the ground but climbing up the "ridge", there were definitely rock piles:
On the ridge-line (really a soft shoulder) there was less snow and more rock piles:
In some places there is a "grid" appearance with of evenly spaced rock piles:
And again here:
And nicer and nicer piles:
As I climbed, I came to a place with a tall stone wall in the background and rock piles seeming to lead up to it:
The wall has a gap or break in it, visible in the middle of the picture. Next, we'll go through the gap.

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