Thursday, March 27, 2014

Through the breach - Camp Str. Milford Part 2

(Western side of the valley of Mill River, south of Peppercorn Hill.) Where we left off here there was a large stone wall with an opening or gap, about 15 feet wide. Let's pass through this gap now and look at a part of the slope right up against the power lines (at the edge of the blue outline I showed on the map). Notice the way the wall terminates, on the downhill side of the gap:

Now we enter a new area where the piles were larger - more what I would call "ski jump" style piles. 

Such "ski jumps" are more common down south here in Milford, Upton, Holliston, and Hopkinton.

I consider them a kind of "marker pile", with a nice vertical face on at least one side and possibly playing some role is time-keeping. Also sometimes found near rectangular mounds with hollows.

Here is a beauty (seen in two views):

Here were some other typical features. A pile with quartz (in the middle of a "U" of stones, largest at the ends of the"U"):

And a split wedged rock:

Here are some structures connected to boulders:

They are like piles from Horse Hill and north.

The place is surrounded by walls. Another massive one, with a clean ending:

Interesting that there are older collapsed walls in the foreground and etc.

Then finally, at the high point of this walk, was a larger mound:
From the side:
There is a small, distinct depression on top:
Very nice.

From there, I went back down the valley and out. Some impressions on the way:
A place with a large building foundation, integrated into the wall:

But not so fast! There was still more. I think I am going to need a part 3.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for more than a year now. I've always been interested in these stonewalls throughout N.E., but since my family moved to Upton, my interest has bordered on obsession. The property behind our house is a part of Upton's 'open space'. Yet, of course, years after the purchase of this 100 acre property, they're beginning to sell lots for homes & other land clearing ventures. My reason for writing about this is because this land, which extends into Grafton..., has several rock walls, mounds, glacial upheavals, + a couple old water wells that I know of. I wish more people cared about these places, & I'm afraid someday they'll wish they did.

pwax said...

Please send photos. You can try to show people about it, or keep it secret. I favor publicity as the best protection.