Monday, June 09, 2014

A few little scenes from the Acton woods

Trying out the new camera. Not sure about the right settings but nothing works well in bright sunlight. Without attempting a systematic description, there is a site I call "Midway" between Nashoba Brook and Spring Hill. There is another I call "High Davis Rd". Although they seem to be at opposite ends of a large conservation land, "Midway" and "High Davis Rd" are in fact contiguous. I guess the roads bend around, and there is bit of a "missing link" consisting of a few piles visible from either place. So it is all one big site or, if you prefer, many small ones.
In the bright light, here are some photos. One from "High Davis Rd":
A small group between here and there.
And a few piles from the western edge of "Midway". [These names won't mean anything to you but the Acton Land Stewards are getting closer and these sites will presumably be added to the trail system and acquire new names. Maybe the stewards will stick with quaint flower names. A way of dogging the issue of identification. I only mention this because the sites already had names given to them, including the new "Plantain" rock pile cluster. ]

Here, I noticed many with one larger rock (which is a little peculiar to this one place, between the "between"s in these woods). Got hard to ignore after a while.

Dappled light or not, I think this is an important type of pile to recognize.
The larger piles, semi-rectangular with hints of hollows, start a little east of here.

The new camera seems OK, wait for better lighting.

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