Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Around Upton Chamber

Reader Jane R. writes:
I live next door to the Upton Chamber. I was perusing your site and I could not find any info on this historic site. Do you have anyone who has done searches here? Are there any pictures of things that have been found ? I have found sooo many things. I have a small rock with a drawing of an animal carved and highlighted on it. I have found a huge boulder I call the penis rock. There is also a large rock that resembles a penis  and one long one in the back of the chamber. There is a cairn on the back of a boulder that has many long straight lines carved on it and many small stones underground totally surrounding it.. In my back yard there is a boulder with a square raised platform with three splits leading away from it into a perfectly triangular hole. There is also a distinct turtle and many leaning rocks. This is just a few examples of the many things left behind by the chamber's original owners. I have pictures of everything but I do not want to publish them. I have shown them to many people including people from NEARA  Most are amazed but NEARA seems to have some alternate opinion of the origins and they do not want to have their theory disproven. There have been many visitors over the years including native Americans, tv producers, scientific organizations and psychics. I have lived here since 1976. There are reports of paranormal activity in some of the surrounding homes. One in particular. At one point there was in a short period of time, two house fires and a murder suicide. Just before I moved here the house on the chamber land burned down and my home which was the barn to the original home on the land burned down. Coincidentally on the same day that Malcolm Pearson  died. I am sure you must know who Malcolm is. This is an amazing site and I am dumbfounded that it does not get more attention.

I have attatched 4 pictures of some rocks in my back yard. The fourth one is a huge rock with many large pieces chipped off. I always wondered if it was the stone that they created stone points or tools from.