Saturday, June 07, 2014

Comments on the College Rock area

From reader Matt H:

Hi I saw your post on your blog about the College Rock site.  I would also like to add that at this site:

-There are dozens of cairn fields loaded with cairns. The cairns here are at least in the hundreds, possibly thousands
-There are numerous Petro-forms
-An impressive Rock Shelter
-Many stone walls that incorporate boulders, stone effigies and other stone work into their design
-Various caves (underground rooms) of tectonic origin (but still significant) of various sizes (all on a smaller size though- kind of goes w/ the region
-Partially destroyed U-Shape structure(s)
-Dozens of partial dolmens and Propped Boulders
-A Shaking/Vibrating rock (that weighs many of tons) that was split from and precariously placed on top of a larger boulder platform- this rock will shake and vibrate the ground/ rock back-and-forth with the push of a hand
-Numerous stone effigies gods
-A hilltop enclosure with stone effigy god on the other side of Rte 85 in Milford (access to this from the bike trail)
-Other various stone work.

Also, the conservation area is in Hopkinton, Holliston and Milford, respectively.  There are also other things associated with the site not in the park, that have been "broken up" from the conservation woods due to development/ etc., such as cairns/etc. on the other side of  Rte. 16 by the Holliston/Milford town line.  Also note that the "George Washington" stone you posted on Rte. 16 can technically be viewed as part of the same area, it just happens that there was development in that area which breaks it apart from the Conservation Woods.  Before our modern day, this was all one big, connected ceremonial landscape that the ancestors of the Nipmuc, Narragansett, and other people originally from the Eastern sea-board lived in, it was a different world.
I assume you have been to the Upton Chamber before (also in the general area).  What about Peppercorn Hill in Upton? 
I also know of a place nearby to this area that has an impressive cairn field going up a hill, with an above ground stone shrine incorporated in the hillside (the sun moving across the sky horizontally from this).  The shrine looks like a stone igloo, one of the more unique structures- I showed this to a friend the other week but am not sure if anyone else knows of it's existence- this is very significant.
There is also more stuff behind the golf course in Holliston (a propped boulder resembling an Indian Head with offering stones, cairns, etc.)

Have a nice day.  Let me know if you ever want to go for a hike so you can record some of this stuff.

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