Thursday, June 19, 2014

More quartz

     Still trying to get caught up with posting my arrowhead finds. There will be one more post this week after this one- and I have saved the best for last.
     My last find in May. I went out after work, it had rained but I went to a spot that I had already searched and it had not rained enough to really make a difference. I did find this broken triangle. It is unusual because it is unifacially worked, made out of a flake. The other side is flat.
     On Sunday, June 8, I went to a place in Rhode Island that has produced some nice finds for me. Unfortunately the conditions were really bad and I only stayed for a short time, very few rocks were visible. I was pleased to find this tiny stemmed point.
     It is really small and not symmetrical but I think it is interesting. Would this tiny point have tipped a dart thrown with an atl-atl?
     On another workday evening Dave and I went to a favorite place. I didn't find anything but Dave spotted this little Squibnocket Triangle which he generously let me keep.
     This pretty rainbow would have made for a nice picture if not for my grubby fingernails. Well, it is dirty work, picking up all those rocks, hoping for a find.


pwax said...

Wading into waters where I am not the expert: I think the point with the rainbow backdrop is a Hardaway Dalton, not a Squibnocket Triangle. It is almost pentagonal and the flared corners at the bottom are distinctly pre-Brewerton. For my money it is a late paleo point.

[And boy do I wish I had found it!]

hạt điều rang muối vietnuts said...

so interseting rock