Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 26 finds

     I had a little bit of time on a Sunday afternoon. I drove to a place where I have found a few nice things before but where I hadn't really spent any time this year. I parked my car and then walked for a while to get to a place near a lake where there was lots of exposed ground for me to search. On the way there, the landowner saw me and smiled and waved. He used to be really suspicious of me but I have been searching there for years and he trusts me, now. Asking for permission to search on private property is the most nerve-wracking thing about searching for arrowheads. Many landowners are reluctant and some give a flat "no" but some can be persuaded with some politeness.
     The weather was beautiful. One of those perfect May days. I was happy to have a chance to take a walk and had little expectation of finding anything, I didn't really care if I came home empty-handed, it was just nice to be outside. But I had some luck! I saw this from a mile away.
      Arrowheads do not get much easier to spot than this. Here's a closer look.
     It's a perfect little gem, a Squibnocket Triangle, slightly larger than the one I had found a few days before. Still very sharp.
     I didn't expect to find anything else but... not far away...
     It's really small but it was still easy to spot. Very unusual to find two points totally exposed and just waiting to be picked up like that. I got really lucky. A thrill for me.
     The pictures do not show it well but the material on this thing is awesome, pale gray-green and translucent. I'm not sure if this is a chert or something more exotic- perhaps mylonite. It's really pretty. My typology guide calls these narrow triangles Madison points.
     I found these about 30 minutes apart. Really exciting! I found a broken piece of worked argillite also, not worth showing. A productive day.


pwax said...

Can we see a picture of the gray-green one after it is cleaned up?

Kierran Broatch said...

Great finds! We call the ones waiting for you out in the open "ducks."

pwax said...

As in: you lucky ducks!

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