Thursday, September 04, 2014

"Appalachian stone structures will no longer be a forgotten stepchild"

From the via From NEARA, click here.


Anonymous said...

So horrible to read about the destruction of these sacred structures, we need to save what is left- what is weird though is that if they are not being obliterated from development they are obscured by saplings popping up with-in the past 60 years and underbrush, which would have been anually burned by Native people- as somebody with some Native ancestry myself I sometimes think that white people (in general) have yet to learn how to actually manage the landscape, despite modern conservation efforts- it's like most people have never learned yet where they actually live, and when I look around I see no effort from people to do so (and why would they, after all.)

-Matt H.

Curt Hoffman said...

It would be very interesting to see whether this group's data is identical to what I have gathered from that area, or if each of our projects has sites the other does not have. I have just written to them suggesting that we might share data.