Monday, September 08, 2014

Lewis Hollow land is ‘forever wild’

by VIOLET SNOW on Sep 8, 2014
Mt. Laurel School kids on a hike to the rock formations on Overlook Mountain.
    “A local private family foundation has purchased a 37-acre property on Overlook Mountain in Woodstock in order to preserve the land and its stacked rock formations, alleged to be of ancient origin. A Lewis Hollow neighbor has bought a nearby 45-acre parcel and placed a “forever wild” deed restriction on the land, protecting it from development. Glenn Kreisberg, who spearheaded formation of the Overlook Mountain Center (OMC) as a vehicle for protecting both properties, is also seeking to save a 30-acre area in lower Lewis Hollow.
    Kreisberg has studied and written about Overlook’s mysterious rock mounds and serpentine walls that he believes are Native American and ceremonial in origin. He hopes that purchase of the remaining 30-acre parcel will enable OMC to create an educational center at the former hunting lodge located on the property, as well as an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) limited-mobility wildernesses access area…”

 (I suppose "forever wild" all depends upon your definition of "wild," especially while walking around an "alleged ancient" Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscape...)

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pwax said...

Bravo to Glen Kreisberg.