Friday, October 24, 2014

Back to Franklin State Forest

I never explored the northern parts of this Forest, or higher on Forge Hill. So I parked over there on the right on Grove Str (A), cut in towards (B) where there were some old low things, like stone outlines, barely visible; over and across (to C) and up the gully that divides the hill (up to D), where there was another field of low oval rock piles. Then I had vague plans to go down the brook to the north that were frustrated by new buildings in the way; so I swung back around to the northeastern summit (E); then downhill back to my car. On the northeast summit at E there was some quite large arrangements of quite large rocks - which I would have dismissed as modern except they had some non-random features. (We'll take a look below.) I was hoping to find things at B,C,D, or E and found them at all except C. Previous visits to this Forest have turned up plenty of material southwest of C as well. So this Franklin State Forest is an archeologically busy place with structures that are quite beaten down, quite variable in style and, in my opinion, quite old.
Beautiful Woods:

At B

Study this a moment and you will see little lines of rocks.

At C
Here we are on a slope west of the water tower. Looking north, the tower is to the upper right. As I poked around, I saw perhaps 20 low piles. Here are some of the nicer pictures:

There is not much to see on the surface but look at the sense of structure below the leaves. These are good sized:

In some of them there is a faint hint of a hollow. For example, three pictures ago. Also the next one. I was quite taken with this, which it seemed prudent to capture at ground level:
From above:
So then I left this slope and got tangled up with new buildings and condos. But eventually I popped back into the woods near E. I'll continue in a later post.

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