Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Nooherooka Monument

     “The Nooherooka Monument has been designed collaboratively between the Tuscarora Nation, Greene County Museum and ECU sculptors Hanna Jubran and Jodi Hollnagel-Jubran. After pulling together many design elements featured in themes from Tuscarora history and heritage, Jubran designed and supervised the construction of the monument…
      The Neyuheruke Wampum:

Was created in 2013 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the tragic battle at Fort Neyuheruke on 21-23 March 1713
Was also made to commemorate the return in 2013 of the Tuscarora Nation to North Carolina for the first time in 300 years
The wampum tells a story in carefully crafted and arranged beads of the two historic homes of the Tuscarora Nation–the current location of the Tuscarora Reservation in western New York State and the North Carolina homeland where the Tuscarora People lived for a thousand years–between the two rectangles located at the two ends of the wampum is a zigzag line representing the travels of the Tuscarora people between the two homelands …”

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