Monday, October 06, 2014


     It has been more than two months since I have posted any arrowhead finds here. I haven't found anything to post.
     August was really dry. Cool, but very little rain, and no heavy rain at all. Weeds grew and covered the earth. No storms came to expose rocks on the ground. I spent long hours wandering in dusty places poring over the dry earth. I hit it hard, I put in the time. At the beginning of the month I found one tiny fragment of an arrowhead, not worth showing. I could never have guessed that I would not find another artifact of any kind at all for nearly two months despite countless hours of careful searching.
     For a long time- years- if I had enough free time in a weekend, I could more or less feel certain that I could find some sort of artifact. For weeks now, that has not been the case for me. I have despaired. I look at frames of arrowheads in my room and it seems inconceivable to me that I once found objects like that on the ground. This has been my worst year yet for arrowheads. It's the weather- no rain. Plus I have lost some sites to development, in one place where I once found nice tools there are brand-new homes. In other places, weeds have grown so dense and tall, there is no chance anymore. New places I searched did not bear fruit.
     September was the same story. Hours of looking, no rain, no luck. Here is the sum total of everything I found in September. Tips of two quartz arrowheads. I found these at the very end of the month after 2 months of zero.
     I'm hoping October will be better. I went out yesterday for a couple of hours in the sun. I encountered this little guy on the way in.
      In an area dense with chips and flakes I found this crude arrowhead. The tip and one edge are nice, the base is very crude. I don't know if it was never finished or was used this way. It's fairly thick, perhaps used as a knife.
     These fragments of quartz arrowheads were easy to spot. The corner of a very nice large triangle, and the base of another triangle. That corner is really nicely flaked and it would have been a great point.

     Not much, nothing to get excited about- but better than nothing at all, certainly.


pwax said...

I ran out of places to look a while ago due to most of the same sorts of issue: weeds and new developments. Another problem is shallower plowing for corn mostly churns the surface rather than bringing up new depths.
A recent "outrage" is someone with NH plates, poaching in my fields. He is so gung ho I have to hurry to get there before he combs the place.

Anyway, that is why I now put in the hours in pursuit of rock pile sites. They are much easier to find than individual arrowheads. Does that sound strange? Meanwhile, I can photo some of the various obscure rocks I have lying around on shelves and window sills, boxes and drawers.

Anonymous said...

I was seeing Racer Snakes in a few places in my area earlier this summer. This snakes are huge!

-Matt Howes