Friday, October 24, 2014

Franklin State Forest (continued 2)

Continuing from here. I got into the woods of the flat northeast summit of Forge Hill (on earlier map at E). Stepping off the road into the woods I saw a loose scatter of large rocks. They looked like something dumped in the process of making the road. A few steps and there was another scatter about the same size, then another, then another. And since they had a kind of common structure, or lack of it, I started believing they might be something deliberate - not just rock discards. Go take a look, these things are a bit unusual.
Here is one, from the front and back:

Here is another from the front, back, and side:
That is certainly not random discards.

Here is another, beyond the wall:

As I say, they are a bit unusual. I would love for other eyes take have a look.

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