Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Little Mulberry Park (GA)

And another place also in GA:
Anne Shenk & Rock Pile
      "Going cross country up the hill we stopped at one of the 29 rock mounds around the top of the
hill.  Ann Shenk briefed us on Mark Williams'  ideas on these possible indian relics.  The thought is that they were some kind of marker for a place they came.  The boulders along the river below this point would have been a place they could tell each other they would meet.   Perhaps it had religious significance. Other people think that the rocks were piled up by farmers who cleared their fields growing crops, but the hill is too steep for crops.  On this morning we were attacked by mosquitos, and decided to move on..." 
    Another bunch of photos here:


pwax said...

As Tim sees turtles in stone walls, so also do I see hollows in rock piles. The last picture shows an example.

pwax said...

So I went to one of the links where they were talking about rock piles and "almost certainly they are not Native American....".
Getting a lecture on colonial farming practices from someone who has never even seen a field clearing pile.
I couldn't resist leaving some comments.

pwax said...

see also here: