Saturday, March 28, 2015

Burn to reveal unusual stone prehistoric features

BILLINGS (Montana) - "Using a controlled burn this spring, Havre archaeologist Josh Chase hopes to reveal a prehistoric site along the Milk River that contains large rock effigies resembling a turtle and a human figure.
“It’s not something you run into every day,” said Chase, who works for the Bureau of Land Management. “It’s been identified as being unique for a really long time.”
   The 800-acre site is protected as an area of critical environmental concern because of its historic value. Chase said within the larger area are the 300 acres where the majority of the artifacts are located — drive lines to herd bison off a cliff, teepee rings, rock cairns and the large figures that are “reminiscent of religiously significant” creations like medicine wheels.
   “They are some pretty significant rocks, too — several hundred pounds,” Chase said. “It was a concentrated effort to make the features.”" 
Click here for the rest: Burn to Reveal Unusual Stone Features

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