Monday, March 30, 2015

The Red Rock of Randolph MA

Driving south of Blue Hill you'll see reddish rock next to the highway, especially as you turn south on Rt 24 in Randolph. Always wanted to find rock piles made out of the red rock:

Note how the split is wedged and covered with other rocks.  Here is one more:
 These are next to Canton Street, by a spring:
From here the water drops down into Ponkapoag Pond:
Years ago, Bruce McAleer and I explored the north shore of this pond - a place of old hotels and resort paraphernalia. I guess the bit of woods on the south shore is less disturbed. Anyway, we hoped to find piles like the ones above, but never did.
The internet tells me this red rock is part of the Wamsutta Formation which apparently is also related to the reddish rhyolite we see an occasional arrowhead made from.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Ponkapoag means "shallow pond" or "a spring that bubbles from red soil."