Monday, March 09, 2015

Stone Wall Complex - Kingfield ME

From reader Sue K (email, after removing spaces,  swbl_canuk @

This summer while killing time as my husband was completing the Appalachian Trail,  I was walking on a dirt road as noticed very old stone walls. Some had lg boulders , strange pits and the walls seem too big & long to be homesteads or just land clearings. The area is heavily wooded but near the dirt road. There was mostly woods for a lg area, as you can see from Google Earth.
If anyone is ever near this area  & have any insight I'd love to hear about them.

Directions: Take #16 SE of Kingfield, ME -approx. 5-6 miles. Turn Rt onto Airport Rd  go about 1/4 mile & rt on Millay Hill Rd.
I had parked here  at intersection & walked west about 1/2mile on Millay Hill Rd.,when I saw the walls on the south (left) side.
This should be close to spot. They are visible from road--higher up by 6feet+ than road. No signage noted regarding trespassing.
Lat: 44.923469

PS--the airstrip located near there was closed as of summer of 2014. I'm a private pilot so that is that drew me to that road.

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