Friday, March 20, 2015

Yet Another Stone Serpent Looking Sideways

(And Downhill)
Above: the original Matt H. image from
Some Similar Such Stone Structures: Another Stone Serpent Looking Sideways


Tommy Hudson said...

Love the overlay. It also appears that the serpentine wall "necks down" at the head, is larger in the middle, and becomes smaller at the other end. Of course, one has to account for perspective of distance and a two dimensional photo, but even with that, it appears very serpentine, including undulations in the "body" of the construction. I'd like to know where the nearest water is located. A spring or creek nearby? Maybe near the tail end? One of the best examples of a serpentine wall I've ever seen.

M Sesing said...

That is remarkable. I'm new to this petroform stuff but am surprised at the relatively low number of sites I was able to bring up re: petroforms in WI. I have some land in Fond du lac Co, WI and it has many forms but yet to be mapped. Turtles, circles, longer cairns(?) I would love to get a mapping project going, possibly thru a University researh program. Any Ideas?

Norman said...

For Mr. Sesing: contact Herman Bender, who resides in Fond du Lac and who is the president of the Hanwakan Center for Prehistoric Astronomy. You can find contact information by Googling Hanwakan Center. Herman can introduce you to petroforms in Wisconsin