Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blairesville GA petroglyph site

Norman Muller wites in:
The recent posting by the woman in VA, showing some unusual stones in the shape of animal faces, reminded me of a visit I took to Blairsville, GA, about six years ago to see some Indian walls and cairns on a mountain side in Blairsville, in the northwest portion of the state. As my friend and I were tramping through the woods, I spied an unusual pinkish stone perched on top of one of the terrace walls. As I got closer, I noticed it was in the shape of a foot (Image above). I simply took a photo of it and left it alone. I assume it is still in place. There are no trails in the woods, and while hunters may visit, I doubt anyone else except those of us interested in unusual stonework workl.
Blairsville is best known for the petroglyphs in Track Rock Gap. There, one finds steatite ledges with carvings on them, many with vulva motifs. These petroglyphs are now protected with ugly steel grating. The female imagery may relate to a vent on the side of the mountain with all the stonework, where warm air is emitted. To my knowledge, this site is mentioned in James Mooney's book on the Cherokee Indians.

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