Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ringing Rocks yet again

By GeophileBack to Ringing Rocks today, and we saw a whole new part of the park. With my son Jonas looking, too, we found a few more features on the way. The above was part of a wall/row that we found off the trail. We saw another, but the pictures weren't that great.

Searching for the waterfall we'd heard of, we went downward, figuring the water would, too. Not far down we found the spring in the above picture and knew we were on the right track. Were those rocks set up that way?

Following the spring water, we came to the stream bed, and what a stream bed it was . . . The rocks in it broke into pieces that looked like paving. The place was amazing, unusual, and beautiful! I have loads of pictures, but even if I could post them all they wouldn't give a real sense of what an amazing place it is. Just astonishing that something is beautiful is there while so many people are a short distance away banging on rocks.

The streambed was in broad natural terraces and on one side as we went up, there were many boulders. The bird head-shaped one above caught my eye. We also noticed a huge perched boulder far above us as we walked along here.

Walking up the terraces, we approached the falls. We haven't had much rain lately.

Here is the current waterfall. The overhang on the left goes for some distance beyond the edge of the picture annd may have been the original falls. Note the row of boulders across the top of the falls.

Aha! Hardly a surprise to find a propped boulder above something like this!

A closer look.

Here is Jonas leaning over the propped boulder, with a view of what it looked like above the falls. I wish we could have kept going. There may be more to look at and photograph at the springs that feed it.

I have to think that the falls and unusual stream bed played into the place's reputation as a special or sacred place. The many mosquito bites and a nasty fall while scrambling over the rocks are no deterrent to my wish to return. The place has a great feeling to it!

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