Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ringing Rocks, Part 2

By Geophile
Tree growth affected by stones.

I was going through my Ringing Rocks pictures and found a few worth showing. Here we see, behind the famous boulder field, a huge rock pile. Could well be natural, but it seems wrong not to at least mention it here on the rock pile blog.

Next to the rock pile was a sort of bowl. If I'd come here in a group, this is where I would have chosen to sit for a picnic lunch. Or to drum and chant, depending on the group. Again, is it natural, artificial, or a bit of both?

Also behind the main boulder field is a section of rock that is black. I don't know if it is black rock or rock that has somehow turned black. Asked to guess, I would guess the second.

Then there's the stone landscape. Some of it is very interesting. I'll probably post a couple more pictures in a day or two--rock on rocks and a spilt-wedge. See below to get a sense of size for these boulders.

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