Thursday, May 03, 2007

Holbrook MA with Bruce McAleer and sites near Ames Nowell State Forest

Bruce had already found one rock pile site and wanted to explore some more down in the vicinity of Ames Nowell State Forest. We found his site and then explored for a while eventually finding another reasonably sized site. We agreed to publicize their locations since these sites are already pretty much destroyed and appear to be on public land.

I recently found a website with maps of Mass. State Forest. Here is the relevant map with the lower red outline showing Bruce's first site and the upper outline approximately where we found another site. There is probably lots more in there to be seen
The dotted "lasso" where the upper red outline occurs, indicates a trail that is part of, I guess, some other park. It is north of the wetland indicated on the map.

At Bruce's first site, the main attraction was a long curved rock pile. Here are views of the back:
front:and side:
This is a type of pile I have not seen.

There were a few other piles around in various stages of ruin:
These are not familiar features.

More on the other site in a subsequent post.


pwax said...

Years later I found things like this near Blood Hill and north into NH

pwax said...

Again: long berms with accompanying "hollows" (ie graves) are a feature I associate with southern NH. But then I have not spent much time around Holbrook MA