Saturday, May 05, 2007

Stone Prayers Of Southern New England (A Short Film)

by JimP
The following is a short 9-minute film I created illustrating some of the features at several stone structure sites from around Southern New England. The images are accompanied by, "Mi'Kmaq Honor Song," recorded by Generations Drum of the Natick Praying Indians. Special thanks to Larry Harrop, Peter Waksman, James Gage, Bob Miner, and Bill Ladd for their wonderful photographic contributions and important feedback during the preview period.

The film is intended to both highlight the spirit, artistry, and sacredness of the sites while providing a side-by-side visual comparison of features from a wide sample area.

[CLICK HERE] for the high-resolution version in streaming Windows Media format, 640x480, 115MB, with stereo sound.

Embedded below is the YouTube version, 320x240, 56MB, mono audio.

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Geophile said...

That's grea! Well done. Hope you don't mind me spreading it around a little.