Thursday, May 24, 2007

More BHill piles

Here are some interesting shaped piles. This first one is a familiar shape. I think there was something similar at the pig skull site. Tim M. asked about the second pile in the video and I do have other pictures of it but there must have been moisture on the lense: Here is a detail of the end of the pile: It is worth mentioning that this pile is at the same location as the small line of rocks that turned out to be more like an outline, the other day. This one:And this:


Tim MacSweeney said...

The reason I asked is that it appeared sort of bear's head-like, similar to my old bear's head tobacco-sacrifice rock - in an area surrounded by zigzag rows where other animal effigies are on large stones...

Joe Waksman said...

It looks like a shape to me too. I cannot identify it but that black sharp stone at the end looks integral to the pattern.

Oops I neglected to log out of my son's username.
- Peter