Thursday, February 14, 2008

Black Creek, NJ - another archeo preservation success

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Of some interest is the mixing of arrowheads and cairns in one article about one site that was put on the NJ register of historic places.


Geophile said...

Good memories! I was there on December 5th, 2001 when the decision was made. You were there, too, weren't you, Norman? I still have my Save Black Creek button. I particularly remember how vehement the people were against preservation and someone saying something like, "But there are arrowheads all over the place. We find them all the time!" somehow as an argument AGAINST preserving the site. I thought it was a strange way to make the case! There was a ceremony outside the Trenton courthouse afterwards, with Lenape people drumming and singing and the media in a photo frenzy.

Norman said...

Yes, I was there and during the hearing pointed out how the archaeologist for the township destroyed important evidence by using a backhoe. It was quite a day.

Geophile said...

Fred has been back to the area a couple of times since and says there is more stonework in that area, which he thinks was connected with the site, but people aren't interested in recognizing it.