Monday, February 11, 2008

Cairn in the snow - NY

by theseventhgeneration

This is a site I've visited before, in the summer. Coming back to it in the winter, I was able to find some different features I hadn't noticed before.

First, was how the vertical face of this cairn highlights the view of the cairn behind it. The snow and lack of leaf cover makes it stand out, as this picture shows:

So, this had me examining the vertical face of this cairn up close, where I noticed something else different:

On the bottom stone, this interesting marking.

There was, at a minimum, one more stone within the cairn that had a similar marking, but not as dramatic. The thought, and after consulting with pwax, is that this is a natural feature. But it would not be surprising to think that the builder(s) also noticed this feature and made use of these rocks deliberately.

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pwax said...

FFC has a theory about these things based, if I remember, on the resemblance to lightening. On a different occasion, Doug Harris was much impressed with collection of intersecting veins in a rock.