Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Google searching for rock piles and "Nebraska"

As noted above, the top of Powers Bluff is extremely rocky. At many locations there are piles of rocks composed of small and medium sized pieces of quartzite, that appear to be the result of human actions. The piles range from circular arrangements several feet across to linear and curvilinear arrangements up to 20 ft. long. In some instances the piles are associated with modern trails and roads and obviously are the byproducts of clearing of the area to create these features. Some of the other rock pile concentration areas are on the fringes of the main community clearings shown on a 1938 aerial photograph. These represent clearing activities associated with the community. At least some rock features represent the activities of workers who are said to have “cleaned and brushed the woods” at Powers Bluff.

Wood County acquired Power’s Bluff and the remnants of the Skunk Hill Community in 1936 for the development of a park. Ski and toboggan runs were developed on the north...
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