Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lines of rocks visible in the snow

Tim M. is right that you can see things in the snow that you cannot at other times. Aside from being able to see deeper into the woods, sometimes rocks show up more clearly. For example, look at the line(s) of rocks in this picture:Note the larger piles are lower on the knoll. Perhaps to be viewed from above - say - somewhere on top of the knoll.

Do the stone and pile placements seem grid-like?


Tim MacSweeney said...

Thanks Peter! It's not often that someone will say I'm right about almost anything, especially in writing!
Could I be "Tim MacS" since there's another reader who's "Tim M?" I just had a simiar experience with big stones in a "snowy landscape perspective" up by the power lines where we began our walk years ago (where I've often started out for many many years)that I'll post over at Waking Up on Turtle Island;

Anonymous said...

"Tim MacS" it is. (Except I'll probably forget.)

pwax said...

I'll put the comment here where no one is likely to see it: Jim P's insistance that our observations be subservient to what is documented history looks absurd when seen from the point of view of all these little "grid" sites which aren't ever mentioned anywhere in any documents. I gnash my teeth because nobody gets it. Why don't you see what I am talking about!