Thursday, February 14, 2008

Delaware State Forest - NY

by theseventhgeneration

This was the last "thing" (for lack of a better word) I found on my most recent hike.

Before I could snap one more photo, the snow came in so heavy, it was a white out. Walking around the left side of this structure, and up hill, there is a clear view under that large top boulder. It's not a view to the horizon, just through to the other side. I sketched it on the computer to try to show how that top boulder was positioned:

This area was recently clear cut. I tried to walk through it once in the fall, but it was impossible to get around and/or see anything under foot due to the low brush cover. To try and give you an idea of context, this photo, which was taken in the fall, is labeled to show the grid and large cairn area nearby:

This structure is located in the brush, closer to the bottom of the hill, near the large cairn side of the photo.

One thought that comes to mind, looking at this structure as a whole, is the "heart" or open L shape.

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pwax said...

To me, the stone seems almost natural/almost man-made. It is hard to tell. But being able to see underneath that upper rock makes it easier to see as having been manipulated.