Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stone ruins at Ft. McClellan

Reader Toby T. writes in:
" I was searching [the web] for Indian ruins on Ft. McClellan and found your website. In 1988 I was attending OCS at Ft. McClellan. On one of our map course exercises, we had to climb a mountain and check off it’s coordinates. On the top of that mountain was an extraordinary stone home. The walls were, incredibly, still intact. There were several small rooms and existing entrance openings. It was obvious that the structure was extremely old. We had to keep moving, so I could spend little time there. Some day, I’d love to return and find those ruins again. They are very rare indeed and incredible to see. "

Does anyone have any more information about this?


Norman said...

This person should attempt to contact Dr. Harry Holstein at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, who has done extensive mapping of the Ft. McClellan area.
Have him contact me directly, and I can supply him with Dr. Holstein's e-mail. He may know of this structure.

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience, on top of a hill (small mountain) while on a land nav course in 1997 on Fort McLellan. I also thought that it was a prehistoric pueblo type structure, but I noticed more rocks in piles elsewhere. Since then, I have looked on the internet, and I found reference to a serpent mound site. Are they one and the same?