Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1934 Photos

Zigzag Stone Rows, destroyed by this time last year, that showed up well on a 1934 aerial photograph:


pwax said...

Why do you think the zig-zag row goes in such a straight line?

Tim MacSweeney said...

I'm not really sure, maybe a true north alignment that I should check right now, the big dipper clearly visible as I just drove home from a later than usual night at work - but the bigger surprise (that confirms my idea of the missing ones my imagination supplied)is that so many more appear to have existed in 1934 which is around the time Bethlehem road became CT State Highway 61, sort of turning "negative evidence" into positive. I think that the rows stretched along the series of floodplains right down to the center of town; I plan to look at quadrants further down the line (where some still exist). Also, I think the road followed the rows because it was easier to do that than move the rows - and the 1650's "settlers" made use of them, perhaps adding the "Occaisional chestnut rails" I find here and there